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Company News About Bank of Mexico Public Telephone Project

Bank of Mexico Public Telephone Project

Latest company news about Bank of Mexico Public Telephone Project

latest company news about Bank of Mexico Public Telephone Project  0


Due to the increasing number of accidents that occuring next to ATM machines, bank monitoring tentacles are far from reaching every ATM withdrawal location, resulting in a rapid increase in the number of crimes when withdrawing money by using ATM machines. Therefore, some banks set up direct telephones next to ATM machines to facilitate customers Quickly get in touch with the banking system, enhance the response timeliness of the banking system, and improve the overall image of the bank.

Recently, Mexican customers have repurchased a large number of JR anti-violence public telephones for installation next to bank ATMs.


JR201-FK anti-violence prison telephone has characteristics of simple installation, convenient use, stable operation and strong compatibility. The phone uses a high-quality cold-rolled steel panel with anti-vandalism function. At the same time, the shell has a grounding device, which is completely isolated from the internal circuit and has a certain electromagnetic shielding function. In addition, accessories such as mobile phones, keyboards, and circuit boards are made of multiple layers of waterproof and dustproof materials. It is very suitable for places such as banks, schools and prisons.


J&R Technology always adheres to the safety first and people-oriented aims of special telephone R&D. We provide a variety of telephone customization services and telephone system solutions to meet our customers’ needs. If you’re interested in our product, welcome to inquiry. To get more details about our telephone, please feel free to e-mail us. We will try our best to meet your needs.


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