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Weatherproof Telephones Installed in Saudi SWCC Plant

June 19, 2023

Waterproof telephone belongs to the special telephone category of fixed-line telephone. According to the use environment and strength, it can be divided into two categories: consumer waterproof telephone and industrial waterproof telephone.


The JR100 series telephones are fully contained within a corrosion-resistant cast aluminum weatherproof case with a door providing complete protection against dust and moisture ingress, resulting in a highly reliable product with a long MTBF.


The unique robust handset is manufactured from molded Bulk Molding Compound and designed specifically to withstand arduous use in all environments, armored cord to provide additional resistance to vandalism or heavy industrial use.


The JR100 series Weatherproof Telephones are suitable for subway, highway, power plant, oil station, mine, dock, steel company, tunnel, cold storage, large-scale projects, such as moisture, fire, noise, dust, anti-freeze, anti-destructive and other special requirements of the environment. The whole machine is designed according to the stability requirements in the environment from minus 35 degrees to above zero 75 degrees, and the protection level can reach IP67.

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