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Prospect of Urban Underground Pipe Gallery(3)

June 11, 2020


“Development prospect of Urban Underground Pipe Gallery”


There is a lot of space for the horizontal expansion of urban underground pipe gallery. As the backbone of urban projects, integrated pipe gallery can gather water, electricity, gas, heat, telecommunications and most of the urban public facilities network. As the connection point of important public resources in the city, the integrated pipe gallery is not only a pipeline gathering center in physical space, but also an information center, energy center, water circulation management and garbage disposal center. In addition, the underground space formed by the construction of pipe gallery also provides unlimited possibilities for the saving of urban aboveground space and the three-dimensional development of underground space.


Smart City

A smart city is a framework, predominantly composed of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), to develop, deploy, and promote sustainable development practices to address growing urbanization challenges.


The urban underground pipe gallery is an important part of the smart city. The interior of the pipe gallery contains power, telecommunication, water supply and drainage, gas, solid waste and other pipelines. These important pipelines produce a large amount of data in operation, which makes the pipe gallery a large information integration point with a large number of data assets.


On the one hand, with the help of information system construction, we can realize the integrated management and operation monitoring of the pipe gallery, and realize the "digital pipe gallery "; on the other hand, we can create the basic ecological environment of smart city integrated service with intelligent underground pipe gallery and smart city operation platform as the core. Even in the era of data as value, the integrated gallery can provide a simple data interface for government or other enterprises.


Sponge City

Unlike traditional cities, where impermeable roadways, buildings, and sidewalks interfere with the natural water cycle, sponge cities mimic and support the natural water cycle. They use nature-based solutions, such as rain gardens, green roofs, constructed wetlands, and permeable pavement, to naturally capture, slow down, and filter stormwater. That water can then replenish groundwater aquifers or be stored for future use. Sponge city technologies could also support sludge-to-energy development by preventing excess stormwater from diluting sewage water so much that it cannot be used to generate electricity for powering treatment plants.


Integrated pipe gallery is the skeleton of urban water supply and drainage system, which plays a key role in urban water circulation management. When the rainfall amount is small, the rainwater discharge is carried out in the source part through the facilities such as green space and permeable pavement built in sponge city; when the rainfall amount is large, the rainwater collection and peak discharge is carried out through the facilities such as rainwater storage pool in the pipe gallery; when the rainfall amount exceeds the standard, the river channel is connected through the rainwater storage pool in the pipe gallery to work with the river channel to reduce the urban waterlogging. Rain water collection after subsequent treatment, can be used for green irrigation and road sprinkling.


The integrated pipe gallery, as the city's "lifeline ", is the most basic part of the whole underground space and becomes the foundation of other systems, providing space for other systems, combining with other systems, and avoiding the cost of opening up underground space again when other systems are built. In the future urban development, the integrated pipe gallery will certainly assume a more important role and create conditions for the sustainable development of the city.


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