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Prospect of Urban Underground Pipe Gallery(2)

June 11, 2020


“The inevitability of the development of Urban Underground Pipe Gallery”


The construction of urban underground pipe gallery is the needed for urban development, which has great advantages in optimizing the utilization of underground space resources, improving the safety and service life of pipelines, and promoting the level of urban infrastructure operation and management. The municipal pipelines, which are mainly directly buried pipeline and overhead pipeline, are not only not intensive in the use of underground space, but also have many problems like hidden risks, repeated excavation of roads and inconvenient management. Construction of urban underground pipe gallery, centralized laying of various pipelines, unified management, can effectively solve the above problems. In the long run, the construction of pipe gallery can effectively reduce the phenomenon of " road zippers" in the city, while producing great social benefits, it can save the collection and demolition of all kinds of pipelines in the separate laying, traffic guides and other preliminary fees. It can be seen that the economy of urban underground pipe gallery is far higher than that of pipeline directly buried. In the process of urban development, integrated pipe gallery is an indispensable part.


China aims to build a world-class utility tunnel network by 2020 to improve urban planning and achieve quality growth, according to the State Council, China's cabinet. The tunnels will help solve the problems of "road zippers" and "overhead spider webs", according to a guideline issued by the State Council.


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