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Philippine City Government Project

August 18, 2021


In 2015, the Philippines purchased the weather-resistant hotline JR101-CB-SIP from JR and installed it at the street and municipal gates as their emergency help equipment. It has been in use for more than 7 years. Recently, JR received favorable comments from customers in the Philippines and provided us with feedback pictures of the installation and using of the phone.



JR101-CB-SIP is an automatic dialing phone. The user only needs to pick up the handset, and the phone will automatically connect to the relevant department, which is convenient for the user to seek emergency help or consultation. In addition, relevant departments can control and manage the SIP emergency phone to ensure low-cost and high-efficiency operation of the phone. In addition, the JR weather-resistant hotline phone is equipped with stainless steel security screws to protect the phone from theft and vandalism.

The Philippines is a tropical region, with high temperature and raining, and strong ultraviolet rays. It can be seen from the picture that our phone is slightly faded by the sun, but it is still operating stably. Provide help to people.



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