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Company News About May Sales Promotion

May Sales Promotion

Latest company news about May Sales Promotion


Dear customers:


Reciprocal help is a traditional Chinese virtue. Since the start-up of J&R Technology, we have received support and recognition from many customers at home and abroad. As a leading special telephone manufacturer in China, J&R technology decides to give a discount on May in order to help customers return to normal wok and life as soon as possible.


Promotion time : 1 May, 2020 to 31 May, 2020

Promotional content : (1) Sample 10% off

(2) Over 10 telephones 20% off


For further information or customization requirement, please feel free to contact us.


J&R Technology

25, April 25, 2020



1. Telephone accessories (receiver, horn, motherboard) do not enjoy this event discount.

2. Telephone models for the promotion included:

Weatherproof Telephone : JR101-CB, JR101-FK, JR101-FK-HB, JR101-FK-L, JR103-CB, JR103-FK, JR103-FK-HB, JR104-SC, JR105-FK ;

Anti-Vandal Handset Telephone : JR201-FK, JR202-CB, JR202-FK, JR204-CB, JR205-FK, JR206-FK, JR208-CB, JR208-FK, JR210, JR211-FK, JR212-FK ;

Emergency Intercom Telephone : JR301-SC, JR305-SC, JR306-SC, JR308-FK, JR309-FK, JR313-SC ;

Explosion-Proof Telephone : JREX101, JREX103, JREX106.

3. J&R is the default logo for all promotion telephones.

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