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Many Hands Make Light Work

April 22, 2023

Spring doesn't skimp on those of us who stick it out in winter. Between the present and the future, there is beating and innovation. Looking forward to a new journey, the dawn is glowing on the horizon. Every brave man of us believes that after a fog dispersed we still have passion on our life and career.


We successfully closed the 2022 fiscal year cycle at the end of March 2023. On Friday, April 14, we celebrated the 2022 annual gala with all of our employees. Our general manager summarized the achievements of the past year and launched a new plan for 2023. At the annual meeting, we awarded excellent employees, and held lottery, and some game activities to close the friendship between colleagues in different departments. Some colleagues also prepared a very bright song and dance show for our annual meeting.


Many hands make light work. The success of J&R cannot be achieved without the hard work of everyone. In 2023, we will work together to forge ahead.


Group Photo Of Our All Staff