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JR101-FK-Analog Waterproof Telephone Installed in Saudi Arabia Steel Fabrication Plant

August 11, 2022

JR101-FK waterproof phone

In addition to normal office telephones, and home phones; The outdoors, industrial plants, tunnels, construction sites, and harsh environments, also need to use special requirements of a number of telephone communication. The weatherproof telephone is designed for outdoor by J&R Technology Co., Ltd An outer metal casting, sealing, and waterproof rating of IP66. Using this telephone, to meet the communication requirements for outdoor, and not easily damaged, long life, good stability.


Product Features

1. Robust aluminum alloy die-cast body, Vandal & tamper-resistant hardware, easy Installation.

2. Waterproof rating IP66 dust proof.

3. Full keypad with memory, 10 buttons programmable speed-dial telephone.

4. Door cover: orient automatically and good self-closing, convenient for use.

5. Weather resistant to IP66 standard, service temperature range from -30 degrees to +75 degrees.

6. Magnetic reed hook-switch.

7. Lightening protection to ITU-T recommendation K.21.

8. Heavy Duty handset with hearing Aid compatible receiver, Noise canceling microphone.

9. Handset with an industrial strong curly cord.

10. Application: Tunnel, metro, railway, LRT, speedway, marine, ship, offshore, mine, power plant, bridge, etc.

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