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JR Telephone Installed in Shandong Binzhou Underground Pipe Gallery

February 23, 2023

JR-MT-08 Pipe Gallery Telephone Combination

The industrial intercom is designed for heavy industry or noisy environments. It has a solid shell to protect the keys and the calling main board, which has good ip ratings waterproof, and can reach ip66. The intercom has a complete set of functional keys, which can dial any user at will, and it has multiple groups of speed dial buttons for quick calls.
Industrial two-way telephone main board, with anti-electromagnetic interference, built-in 10w speaker, if needed, you can connect an external amplifier and speaker to help you make a clear call in a noisy environment.


Main functions of industrial intercom system

1. Information broadcast

Provides functions such as background music broadcasting, production safety, work instructions, and precautions for various operating areas, production workshops, and office areas of industrial and mining enterprises, and functions such as unattended ringing in the machine room at regular intervals.

2. Two-way intercom

Voice intercom terminals are installed in various operating areas, production workshops, and production management centers of industrial and mining enterprises. Staff in the front-end area can conduct two-way communication with the computer room through the voice intercom terminals, get timely guidance and help, and conduct a business voice communication. The call history is completely stored in the server, which is convenient for future inquiry and retrieval.

3. Remote broadcast

Each production office or leadership office can call the terminals in the front-end production operation areas through remote call stations, and perform voice information broadcasting, production command scheduling, and emergency notification.

4. Emergency broadcast

In the event of an emergency or fire in an industrial and mining enterprise, it can be broadcasted in different regions or the entire area according to the original emergency plan, and the personnel can be quickly evacuated to ensure the safety of personnel and public property.

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