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JR Technology Participated in The Petroleum Exhibition in Hangzhou

March 24, 2023

Best Telephone Manufacturer

J&R Technology supplies reliable telephone solutions to customers all over the world. Our production includes standard and custom telephones such as weatherproof telephones, vandal resistant telephones, explosion resistant telephones, and telephone accessories.

Our telephones are used in various industries including oil&gas, maritime, industrial, transportation, etc. The phones can be installed at airports, harbors, railway platforms, banks, and many other places.

We mainly export our telephones to South America, North America, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia. So far, we have built good cooperation with many famous companies such as the USA military, Network Rail, TCCD, Huawei, Siemens, and more.



Custom Solution

J&R produces telephones that exactly fit the customer's needs based on the project requirements.

Powerful R&D

J&R engineers are exceptionally experienced in software development and hardware development.

Industry Leader

J&R has done small and large telephone projects around the world with satisfying results.


If our telephone can help you in your field, we welcome any comments and project inquiries: