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Installation Diagram Of Columbia Prison JR212-FK-4G Project

May 9, 2023

In the course of the whole social progress, prison as an important part of the judicial system is gradually modernizing. The phone is a very important device in prison, playing a very important role in family communication and social help and education, to promote prisoners' stability and peace of mind reform. Based on the special requirements of the prison, special equipment is needed to effectively manage the prisoners' calls to the outside world.


Housed in a steel box and manufactured to a high standard, JR212-FK-4G offers increased resistance to vandalism and ensures that the primary function of communications is maintained at all times.

The 4G connection offers wireless communications to provide a completely standalone telephone installation. The 4G phone greatly reduces installation costs by eliminating running wires. The Quad-band 4G module covers wireless ranges across most of the globe.


Extremely easy to install. The cable entrance is on the back of the phone to prevent artificial damage, while the keypad is weather and vandal-resistant.


The JR212-FK-4G telephone is designed to meet the needs of clients who experience loss through vandalism. Ideal for parking lots, prisons, airports, railways, metro, ATMs, platforms, hospitals, police stations, shopping malls, stadiums, etc.

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