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Highway Emergency Bollard Phones

July 20, 2023

The UK Has A World-Class Transportation Network, Both Between And Within UK Cities. With A Total Road Length Of Nearly 395,000 Kilometers, The UK Is Well Connected By Road Traffic. Freeways And A Roads Are Responsible For 65% Of Road Traffic.


Concept Formation

In the 1960s, it was first applied on Australia's highways, where telephone columns were installed at intervals, and the corresponding alarm signals would be triggered once the seeker picked up the handset. In the 1970s, highway emergency telephones entered their golden age and were vigorously promoted in the United Kingdom, the United States, and other countries. When it comes to an event of a highway emergency, British traffic laws recommend using roadside phone booths. Phone booths may be within 1 mile of you and incorporate road signs to locate themselves every 100 meters.


Basic Functions

For travelers driving on the highway to provide a direct call for help for special communication equipment, when a traffic accident occurs on the highway, the user can use the facilities on both sides of the road emergency telephone extensions to the monitoring center of the emergency telephone console to call, report accidents, the control center of the duty staff faster through the telephone and other means of communication to organize scheduling ambulances, repair vehicles, and rescue personnel to arrive at the scene The rescue will be carried out.



Enhance the operation and management level of the highway, establish and improve the basic supporting facilities of the highway, improve the safety and rescue rules of the highway, and reduce traffic accidents, casualties, injuries, and property losses. The highway emergency telephone system is very important as the basic supporting measures and rescue system of the highway, which is one of the important parts of traffic engineering. It provides a dedicated communication platform for those who seek help on the highway and is also the main facility for collecting information on vehicle breakdowns, traffic accidents on the road, and road operation status.

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(J&R Pillar Phone British Motorway Project Installation Diagram)