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Environmental Protection Discussion

January 11, 2024

In the context of increasingly prominent global environmental problems, the responsibility and role of enterprises in environmental protection have become increasingly prominent.Climate change and environmental protection are important parts of the global agenda. The international community has conducted extensive discussions on issues such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable energy development, and protecting biodiversity.


The proposal of carbon neutrality has brought new ideas to the international community in environmental protection actions. How to effectively carry out and practice it is a major issue.


Enterprises are one of the major sources of resource consumption and emissions. Their production activities, energy use and waste emissions directly affect the quality and sustainability of the environment. However, enterprises also have huge potential to reduce their environmental impact by adopting sustainable business practices.


We believe that protecting the environment is not only a responsibility, but also an obligation that we should bear as a company. Problems such as global warming, air and water pollution, and resource depletion are gradually threatening our lives and future. Only by taking proactive steps can we ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy a beautiful and healthy planet.


After ten years of hard work, J&R Technology is about to enter the next stage of development. While continuously expanding its scale and improving its competitiveness, it also introduces social topics into the discussion of development plans, hoping to make its modest contribution to social development and environmental protection. J&R Technology's new production workshop is about to be put into use, and the area has been expanded to over 5,000 square meters. It plans to use fully automatic production equipment to optimize the production process, improve production efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions by using clean electric energy. J&R Technology will continue to promote technological innovation, develop more environmentally friendly products and solutions, work with partners to share best practices, and promote the sustainable development of the entire industry,together we address the challenges of climate change and protecting our planet.


In addition, J&R Technology will continue to explore more possibilities.