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Emergency Access Control System Telephone Project

January 13, 2021


Access control and security systems are used to protect personnel and property, so the system and equipment itself must be safe. On the one hand, the telephone equipment should be able to prevent high and low temperatures, rain, radiation, electromagnetic interference and so on. On the other hand, the telephone and security system should also have the advantage of preventing man-made damage. J&R emergency access telephone has been favored by many customers at home and abroad. One of the Thai customers ordered our emergency access telephone, and installed it in the villa.


JR301-2B contains stainless faceplate, microphone, loudspeaker and indicator light. The strong material structure leads the telephone to avoid damage caused by violence. At the same time, this telephone series was tested by salt spray, which can keep durable even in wet, corrosion-prone climate environment. When an accident occurs, it can effectively play the role of alarm and emergency communication.


J&R Technology has many years of experience in providing telephone solutions to emergency systems telephone. In addition to this project, the phone is also suitable for airports, elevators clean rooms, etc.


J&R always adhere to the safety first and people-oriented aims of special telephone R&D. We provide a variety of telephone customization services and telephone system solutions to meet our customers’ needs. If you’re interested in our product, welcome to inquiry. To get more details about our telephone, please feel free to e-mail us. We will try our best to meet your needs. Looking forward to your order.


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