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Britain Hinkley Point Soundproof Telephone Box Project

June 22, 2022


The Hinkley Point nuclear power project is a tripartite cooperation project between China, France and the UK, and it is also the first nuclear power station built in the UK over 20 years after the nuclear power construction was suspended.

The project recently customized a batch of soundproof and noise-reducing phone booths JR-TH-01 at J&R, which have been shipped now. Thank you for your support and trust! And look forward to customer feedback.



J&R Soundproof Acoustic Telephone Booth is mainly made of polyethylene material, which has the characteristics of large scope of heat-resistant and corrosion resistance, and can reach the noise reduction level of 15 dB. It is more economical and compact than telephone stand, allowing speakers to retain their communication privacy and facial expression privacy, while their voices do not interfere with others.



J&R Technology has many years of experience in providing telephones and accessories. In addition to the Saudi Arabia North West Armed Forces Hospital project, Aramco telephone booth project, West Indies noise reduction booth project and Joint Revolving Power Plant in Mexico project are all our winning projects. Moreover, in the later follow up, J&R also received great feedback from our telephone users.


If our telephone can help you in your field, we welcome any comments and project inquiries:



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