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American School Orders JR320-SC-4G Emergency Phone Tower

July 21, 2022

From June to July 2022, a school in the United States purchased a large number of emergency phone towers from J&R


Product introduction: JR320-SC-4G


Emergency roadside telephone aimed for highway, campus high risk area. one button push to talk. Blue light flashes. waterproof IP66 for outdoor for wide-area audio broadcast is desired.


The SOS emergency pillar JR320-SC-4G for roads is made of high strength metal body, designed for outdoor use in the field of roads and motorways. It is usually equipped with a hands-free phone SOS JR320-SC-4G. Emergency Phone Towers are often used at university and college campuses, parking facilities, shopping malls, medical centers, industrial campuses, and transit facilities where the wide-area audio broadcast is desired.


The front panel providing door is designed to support any kind of flush mounting telephone model. The rear panel door is the access to the cable terminals and batteries. Any kind of well protected PCB inside is available on our wide range of products. GSM/PSTN/VOIP etc. CCTV camera built-in optional.


The LED Light continuously flashes when the emergency telephone rings, and the LED light turns on for the duration of a call when the EMERGENCY button is pressed to draw attention to the unit. The LED light turns off when standby.


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