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Waterproof Industrial Telephone Project

January 27, 2021

Colombia has a moderate level of development in Latin America and has maintained continuous economic growth for over 10 years. In Colombia with a high degree of marketization, the international community is generally optimistic about its long-term economic development prospects. Colombia’s industry is dominated by manufacturing, in which mining is one of the local pillar industries, mainly to extract oil and coal. Recently, a local manufacturer of the Nonmetallic Mineral Product ordered JR101-FK-HB Waterproof Industrial telephones from J&R and installed them in their underground mines.


JR101-FK-HB IP67 Weatherproof Industrial Telephone is equipped with corrosion resistant cast aluminum weatherproof case and robust handset with stainless steel spiral cord, which can completely prevent dust from entering. When subjected to severe wave impact or strong water spray, the usage of the telephone will not be affected. Furthermore, JR101-FK-HB, as a standard Analog and IP telephone, provides well communication channel for mine personnel, and its configured red flash lamp and loudspeaker which can send alarm signals to them at emergency moments so that it may increase the safety of personnel in mines.


J&R Technology has many years of experience in providing telephone solutions to heavy industry. In addition to this Project, Coral Bay Nickel Company (CBNC) Metal Processing Plant Project, Offshore Oil Drill Tower in India Project, China Three Gorges New Energy Power Plant Project and Underground mines in Sri Lanka Project are all our telephone winning projects. Moreover, in the later follow up, J&R also received great feedback from our telephone users.


J&R always adhere to the safety first and people-oriented aims of special telephone R&D. We provide a variety of telephone customization services and telephone system solutions to meet our customers’ needs. If you’re interested in our product, welcome to inquiry. To get more details about our telephone, please feel free to e-mail us. We will try our best to meet your needs. Looking forward to your order.


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