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The Latest Emergency Communication Products Developed by J&R and Its Partners Are Being Vigorously Promoted

April 2, 2020


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March 31, 2020 /Newswire - Spain/-- J&R Technology, a leader in researching and developing special telephones, is joining focus with OneUP to produce Totem. This month J&R Technology announced the availability of its new emergency telephone, which can save the lives of drowning people, or automatically call the rescue center to provide aid when the accident occurs.


According to WHO statistics, the annual number of drowning deaths worldwide is estimated at 320,000. Drowning kills 50 people per hour around the world. So far, the drowning problem has been seriously neglected, hence, we are aware that we need to take some action. That’s why Totem was created.


With the appearance of our new product, Totem has become a timely help to ease drowning. Totem is a fixed security checkpoint, in which you can store 3 OneUP units, that must be installed in areas close to aquatic environments. It should be noted that it has emergency call connected to the emergency services and the local police. Structurally, Totem mainly consists of solar panel, audible and visual alarm, support base, tempered glass door, motherboard panel and silk screened casing, which has the function of completely sealing dust and protecting corrosion. Meanwhile, when someone is drowning, the three portable lifebuoys built in can be used for emergency at any time. Once the OneUP is taken out, Totem can be reused after replacing the glass.


Totem is an ideal companion to coastal infrastructure. Eco-friendly, complete marine rescue equipment, automatic calling, 4G/GPRS connection and simple installation are the outstanding characteristics of this new emergency telephone pillar. It is suitable for the sites along the coast, like seaside, beach, seaside holiday resort, seaward side of the coastal road and seashore, etc.


Spanish OneUP life-saving equipment and JR Technology emergency phone are top-notch. Totem, which was researched and developed by 2 companies, must be the reasonable choice for the seaside rescue infrastructure.


J&R Technology always adhere to the precept of safety first manufacturing products. Hope our products can save lives at a critical moment is the greatest wish in the heart of every employee at J&R Technology. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our product.


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