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Telephone Acoustic Hoods

July 31, 2023

Telephone acoustic hoods are one of the common public facilities in people's lives, and sound insulation materials play an essential role in telephone booths. Three principles of soundproofing material mainly includes three aspects: sound absorption, reflection, and isolation.


Sound absorption refers to the conversion of sound wave energy into other forms of energy for consumption. The interior of a telephone booth is covered with materials such as sound-absorbing panels or acoustic cotton to cover the walls and top, which effectively reduce the spread of noise and minimize the generation of echoes, thus providing a relatively quiet environment.


Reflection is the use of specific surfaces to make sound waves bounce back and change the direction of propagation. The interior of telephone booths is decorated with materials that have a higher density and flat surfaces, such as substances like steel or glass. These materials enable most of the noise to be reflected in its original position and avoid spreading to the surroundings.


Isolation is the process of preventing noise from penetrating the interior of a building by dividing spaces and placing multiple layers of walls or windows and doors between them. Similar isolation measures are used in telephone booths, such as the use of double glazing or the addition of door and window seals.


These technical means can effectively reduce noise propagation and interference, providing users with a relatively quiet and comfortable calling environment.


JR-TH-01 phone soundproof enclosure, beautiful appearance, luminous color, suitable for supporting a variety of public or other outdoor facilities. At the same time take into account the storm, frost, corrosion, high temperature, sun, wind and rain, flame retardant, and other characteristics. It can be applied to industrial and commercial environments, such as outdoor charging piles, commercial streets, ships, offshore drilling platforms, power plants, wharves, smelters, petrochemical plants, paper mills, scenic spots, and other environments, and it can effectively reduce the environmental noise by 23dB.



1. Noise-resistant design reduces external noise in high-noise environments and improves call quality.

2. One-piece molding, customizable appearance, and color, easy to install.

3. Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) material, suitable for all kinds of harsh environments, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistant, and flame retardant.

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(JR-TH-01 Mass Production)

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(JR-TH-01 Mass Production)

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(Undulating sound-absorbing cotton)