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JREX-103-2B Installed At NWIS Oil&Gas Platform In India

August 18, 2022

What is an intrinsically safe phone?

Intrinsic safety is an abbreviation of “intrinsic safety”. It is a type of explosion-proof electrical equipment that can be used in industrial areas where there are explosive gases, oil platforms, mines, and other dangerous areas.

Intrinsically safe power supply, if not protected by another explosion-proof type, can only be installed in non-hazardous areas, but its output (power supply, signal) is intrinsically safe and can be connected to intrinsically safe equipment in hazardous areas, such as telephones, the explosion proof phone.

What is intrinsically safe equipment?

Intrinsically Safe Type Abbreviation: Intrinsically Safe

Uses: Electrical or equipment explosion-proof category

Interpretation: By controlling the energy level of the device itself, it is lower than the critical condition for igniting the explosive gas under normal working or fault conditions, and does not generate sparks or temperatures lower than the igniting explosive gas, rather than being shielded or blocked by other means.


JREX-103-2B is certified by international IECEx and ATEX, and its safety availability can be fully guaranteed. Its function is very powerful, we use VoIP communication, you can configure the phone on any pc, the configuration is simple, the call is stable, and the call is free.


1. Robust aluminum alloy die-cast body, vandal & tamper-resistant hardware
2. Waterproof rating IP66 dust proof.
3. Full keypad with memory, 9 buttons programmable telephone.
4. Magnetic reed hook-switch.
5. Heavy duty handset with hearing aid compatible receiver, Noise canceling microphone.
6. Handset with an industrial strong curly cord.
7. Stainless Steel keypad keep waterproof and dusty proof.
8. Door cover: orient automatically and good self-closing, convenient for use.
9. Temperature range from -20 degree to +55 degree.
10. Support echo cancellation.
11. Powder coated in UV stabilized polyester finish.
12. Application: Hazardous dust and gas atmospheres, petrochemical industry, Tunnel, metro, railway, LRT, speedway, marine, ship, offshore, mine, power plant, bridge, etc.

NWIS Oil&Gas Platform