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JR205-FK Rugged Telephone Installed in Zhengzhou Subway Station

March 9, 2023

JR205-FK Rugged public telephone

A public emergency telephone is in the place where the accident that easy to install for sos emergency telephone for help. We can provide elevator parts Telephone Emergency Phones SOS device security telephones with speed dial buttons optional for the ship cockpit.

Highway of highway roadside emergency telephones, waterproof telephones for coal mine explosion-proof telephones used in coal mines, oil Wells, used in tourism scenic tourists such as telephones are belongs to the category of the public emergency telephone. The main function of the Public analogue telephone is that, when an accident occurs, the telephone which can be used and must be able to be used for emergency calls for help has completely different requirements for its work according to different use environments.


1. Shell: stainless steel material with high strength and elasticity, wide high impact strength, and wide service temperature.

2. Hook: stainless steel, using magnetic induction hangs up, doesn't need hook switch, no contact gaps.

3. Buttons: metal buttons, abrasion-proof and anti aging. (Can be customized backlit keyboard)

4. Display: This model is the IP version that supports the Caller ID or IP address of the display. (Can be customized according to standard GSM CDMA, etc.)

5. Handset: special ABS, / PC synthesis, integrated structure, good sealing, resistance to knock, twisted pull no deformation, doesn’t burst at -35 centigrade.

6. Wire: Use Teflon wire, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature, anti-aging, do not catch fire.

7. Waterproof glue: imported waterproof glue, high viscosity, high temperature resistance, high pressure, and waterproof life of more than 10 years.

8. Transmitter and receiver of the handset, keyboard, buzzer, circuit board, shell, and all accessories use a multi-layer waterproof and dust-proof structure. It has three-level waterproof, and dustproof functions, the whole rating reaches to IP66.

9. Telephone is very stable, with strong anti-jamming capability, In line with the national standard GB / T 15279-94.


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