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J&R’s Project on Bosnia and Herzegovina

November 25, 2020


Construction by China State Construction Engineering Corporation and Power Construction Corporation of China, the Pan-European 5C Corridor Expressway Bosnia and Herzegovina Capljina section project officially started on November 22 last year. The project is about 11 km long. Tourism resources are abundant in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the completion of this project, it will promote the economic development of southern Bosnia and Herzegovina and promote the smooth flow of local passengers and trade.


Recently, Bosnia and Herzegovina local order Highway Emergency Telephone and Pillar from J&R, the project telephone and pillar has been completed production. After quality inspection and testing, we packed and shipped the goods as soon as possible. We will continue to follow up the progress of the project to bring you the reports of customer installation effects and user experience.


J&R undertake many large-scale highway projects at home and abroad. We customize roadside emergency telephone for customers according to highway characteristics and actual road demand. Each project has professional sales staff and a top engineering team to follow up.


Previously, in foreign countries, we have undertaken India Expressway Project, Dubai Um Sukoue Road Project, Malaysia Selangor Highway Project and UK Highway Project; in China, we have undertaken S32 Guangdong Western Coastal Expressway Project and G25 Changchun-Shenzhen Expressway Project, which have received unanimous praise from customers.


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