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J&R Waterproof Telephone Exported to England

August 19, 2020



Briton like to talk about the weather seems to be well known, because the changeable weather also provides them with regular topics, and even the taciturn people like to participate in it. The climate is mild and rainy all year round, the environment is humid due to the island country being caused by moisture. Isle of Wight in England is a famous tourist resort, one of the most abundant fossil resources in Europe, and the site of this J&R telephone application.


Taking into account the humid and rainy climate, J&R recommended JR101-FK waterproof and weatherproof telephone for the locals. The telephone is suitable for heavy humid environment and can operate in a wet environment for a long time. Its bright telephone color and IP67 high protection level are hard to beat that used as the emergency equipment in the island.


In this project, J&R have received good feedback from customers again, we will always be committed to providing the most suitable telephone model and the best solution to meet the different project needs of customers.


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