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J&R Technology Export Vandal-Resistant Emergency Telephone to France

April 9, 2020


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April. 07, 2020 /Newswire - France/ -- J&R Technology, a premier designer and manufacturer of standard and custom telephone solution, has finished a monumental project, namely LA CIOTAT TUNNELS, at TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) cabin in France in April. Our product JR201-FK-VC-SIP vandal-resistant emergency telephone was put into operation in the tunnel in early April. As the emergency communication equipment supplier of the project, we also sincerely hope that the tunnel excavation work can be completed safely and smoothly.


Emergency facilities are essential in infrastructure construction. With the advent of modernization, the global infrastructure development is in full swing, while the use of TBM is becoming more and more widespread. However, there are fraught with dangers in the tunnel due to the difference of geological conditions and the technical judgment of TBM operators. From this point of view, we should put certain security measures by for a rainy day.


In this project, JR201-FK-VC-SIP vandal-resistant emergency telephone is connected with a direct internet line in the TBM cabin, making it possible that TBM operators can make direct calls to the emergency services like fire brigade in any moment of the day or during the night shift. Bioaccez, our partner, has provided the internet access using Wimax radiolinks allowing the transmission of voice, but also geological data, video and access control data to the main server.


JR201-FK-VC-SIP vandal-resistant emergency telephone has the characteristics of simple installation, easy handle, stable operation and strong compatibility. The telephone adopts stainless steel panel with strong vandal proof feature. At the same time, the shell has a grounding device and is completely isolated from the internal electrical circuit, which has a certain electromagnetic shielding function. Moreover, the handset, keypad, circuit board and other accessories are made of multi-layer waterproof and dustproof materials. The telephone also supports the hotline call, may realize the call to hang up automatically, which is suitable for tunnel, railway, underground mine, prison, guard room, bank and many other areas.


J&R Technology offers a wide variety of special telephones and unique customs services to customers. As a reliable supplier of industrial telephones, we have been sharing the equipment and systems with different customers and users all over the world. Meanwhile, in the cause of infrastructure, we also hope to contribute to social security. If you’re interested in our product, welcome to inquiry. To get more details about our telephone, please feel free to e-mail us. We will try our best to meet your needs. Looking forward to your order.