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J&R emergency telephones are installed in latvian elevators

June 15, 2022

J&R Emergency Telephone JR301-SC-4G was installed in an elevator in an industrial park in Latvia as emergency communication equipment.

Elevators have multiple safety devices, but there are many things that can go wrong. Some people have been clamped in because of the abnormal opening and closing of the elevator, some people have encountered the situation of the elevator button failure, the black screen can not see the floor, and some people have experienced the danger of falling several floors straight. When locked in the elevator, through the emergency phone one key call and relevant personnel contact, in order to rescue.


The shell of the JR301-SC-4G Emergency Phone is a stainless steel panel. The phone is equipped with a microphone, a speaker, an indicator light and a waterproof and anti-destructive hands-free button, one-key SOS call, no distance limit; simple installation, no wiring, greatly reducing construction and daily maintenance costs , providing a simple and easy emergency call solution for property management.

At the same time, this series of phones has been tested by salt spray and is very durable in humid and corrosive climate environment. When an accident occurs, it can effectively play the role of alarm and emergency communication.


J&R Technology Co., Ltd. has undertaken many emergency telephone projects at home and abroad for many years, and has rich experience in the development and production of special telephones. In addition to this project, the phone is also suitable for fields such as airports, subways and clean rooms.

If our telephone can help you in your field, we welcome any comments and project inquiries:



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