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J&R ATEX Certificated Explosion Proof Telephone Installed At The Kuwait Onshore Rigs Project !

November 18, 2021

The scope for work is to supply complete set of Explosion Proof Telephone, install, test and commission the supplied set of Explosion Proof Telephone units as per Company's policies and procedures at various locations in plant areas of KOS(Kuwait Oil Company) (Onshore & Offshore locations) and Kuwait Energy Company K.S.C. (Onshore locations).


The explosion-proof shell of JREX101-FK telephone is made of aluminum alloy casting, and the surface is electrostatic sprayed, which has good impact streghth and protection performance. Equipped with waterproof digital function keys, can store three groups of speed dial numbers for emergency help. The circuit components are purchased and produced according to outdoor standards, and the circuit undergoes strict explosion-proof treatment and protection treatment.

At the same time, J&R's explosion-proof phones are ATEX certified, and are suitable for chemical plants, smelters, underground mines, oil rigs, oil transportation ships, hazardous chemical warehouses, and environments with a lot of dust, noise, and corrosiveness. Its beautiful appearance design and stable performance have quickly been recognized and trusted by customers at home and abroad, and have become the preferred non-mobile explosion-proof communication tool for industrial,mining enterprises ,flammable and explosive places.


J&R Technology has many years of experience in providing telephone solutions to heavy industry. In addition to Dubai Oil Drilling Project, Coral Bay Nickel Company (CBNC) Metal Processing Plant Project, Offshore Oil Drill Tower in India Project, China Three Gorges New Energy Power Plant Project and Underground mines in Sri Lanka Project are all our telephone winning projects. Moreover, in the later follow up, J&R also received great feedback from our telephone users.


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