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Israel Prison Telephone Project

May 27, 2021

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The prison telephone system plays an important role in the management of prisoners. Prisons usually install some Wall-mounted Vandal Resistance Prison Telephones to maintain the stability of using. Family communication by telephone can help prisoners to promote their ideological stability and peace of mind. Communication with the outside can also help prisoners to release emotions and stresses .

In early 2021, a prison in Israel purchased JR212-FK anti-sabotage prison telephone from J&R, and it has been put into use.


JR212-FK has the characteristics of simple installation, easy handle, stable operation and strong compatibility. The telephone adopts stainless steel panel with strong vandal proof feature. At the same time, its shell has a grounding device and is completely isolated from the internal electrical circuit, which has a certain electromagnetic shielding function. Moreover, the handset, keypad, circuit board and other accessories are made of multi-layer waterproof and dustproof materials. Even if installed outdoors, the phone also can run well.


J&R undertakes many large-scale Prison projects all around the world. our prison anti-vandal telephone are customized for customers according to prison or jail characteristics and actual demand. Each project has professional sales staff and top engineering team to follow up.


Over years, we have also undertaken Irish Prison Project, Mexico Prison Project, Dijon Prison Project, Lithuania Prison Project and Albania Prison Project, which have received unanimous praise from customers.


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