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Installation Pictures Of JREX101 in Chemical Plants

June 1, 2023

1. The application of the explosion-proof phone

The explosion-proof telephone was originally developed for coal mines and other inflammable and explosive places, generally used in factories and mining enterprises of the second type of places. The explosion-proof telephone adopts a protective element and safety barrier to ensure the reliability of safety spark performance. Its ring coil, induction coil, and other parts are sealed by epoxy resin, so it can still work safely in complex, harsh, explosive environments. Most power plants, mines, and chemical plants install such communications equipment.

Ex-phone and ib-phone

At present, there are two kinds of explosion-proof telephone on the market, one is the explosion-proof telephone, and the other is the ib explosion-proof telephone. At present, most explosion-proof telephones are used in the market, because compared with ib explosion-proof telephones, explosion-proof telephones are more widely used and have higher performance. In addition, the body design of an explosion-proof telephone has very high sealing performance, which determines that it has a waterproof function at the same time. The waterproof grade of JREX101 explosion-proof telephone can reach P67 by experiment test.

3. Explosion-proof phone material and technology

The explosion-proof shell of the explosion-proof telephone set is cast with aluminum alloy, and the surface is sprayed with electrostatic plastic, which has good impact resistance and protection performance. The buttons of the explosion-proof telephone are made of rubber, the handle is the handle of an outdoor public telephone, and the handle rope is the metal sheathed cable of an outdoor public telephone. The circuit components are purchased and produced according to outdoor standards, and the circuit has undergone strict explosion-proof treatment and protection treatment. Anti-noise handles make calls clearer in high-noise environments.

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