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Explosion-Proof Telephone Is Installed At The Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant

November 22, 2023

The Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant Is A Nuclear Power Plant In Bulgaria Situated 180 Kilometres (110 Mi) North Of Sofia And 5 Kilometres (3.1 Mi) East Of Kozloduy, A Town On The Danube River, Near The Border With Romania. It Is The Country's Only Nuclear Power Plant And The Largest In The Region. The Construction Of The First Reactor Began On 6 April 1970.
The nuclear power plant Kozloduy was the first nuclear power plant in Bulgaria and in Southeast Europe. The beginning of Bulgarian nuclear energy was established on July 15, 1966, with the signing of an agreement on cooperation between Bulgaria and the then-Soviet Union for the construction of a nuclear power plant. After a detailed technical and economic analysis, the construction site was chosen to be on the Danube River near Kozloduy.


The Soviet Union provided the main equipment, and individual equipment was supplied by the then-German Democratic Republic, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary. Ground was first broken on October 14, 1969, and in April 1970, large-scale construction activities began, in which over a hundred thousand workers and engineers participated.

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Intrinsically safe: The energy of the circuit is limited by the relevant technology, so that the electrical energy generated in the electrical equipment generates sparks or hot surfaces that are not sufficient to detonate substances in the explosive environment.
Increased safety type: Through the design of the product, it can eliminate the detonation source of hot surface or electric arc or electric spark to achieve the purpose of explosion protection.
Molded type: A device or part of a device that may ignite an explosive environment is encapsulated in a substance to isolate the device or part thereof from substances in an explosive atmosphere for the purpose of explosion protection.