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Emergency Communication Systems From J&R

January 12, 2018

Emergency call phones are installed on the emergency call posts (pillars) and emergency call niches in the tunnel to perform the communication between the persons with emergencies and the control center. Incoming calls are shown in SCADA system and recorded. A report is drawn up in SCADA system after each incoming call and this report is fullfilled by the operator.


The Weatherproof & high quality emergency telephones will help you to target the suitable solution for emergency communication project and our product will bring more convenience for people, and to provide a quiet and safety communication environment day and night.


J&R with experienced sales talents and strong R&D and production team shines in the ability to design and manufacture compete communication solutions for customers. And we welcome you to inform us your specific project demands. And we are always ready to help you win and complete projects successfully by offering high quality products and our specific know how.


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